My Poem for #blackhistorymonth

You called me your sweetheart

I called you my kite

I sail you to the moon

Where you find me

Floating over the night

But people don’t accept us

Some things never change

They want you to hate me

So we vanish out of sight

Yet even through the darkness

Even through the plights

No flood can put out

A love so burning bright


– Shelby Lamb

Book Review Time: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Reading words written from J.K Rowling’s pen is a truly magical experience. Her language coils and flares like a beautiful plant that wildly twists around you. Harry, now at his second year at Hogwarts, must find out who is behind very mysterious and dark occurrences. And he must do so fast; the life of his friends are at stake!

I felt desperate riding along with Harry on his broom to unbury the truth in all the madness taking place. Before you know it, you are swept across England in a car that soon lands in a very angry, flailing tree, and into the Forbidden Forest where you meet spiders as big as houses.

The questions at hand are 1) Where is the chamber of secrets? 2) Who is opening it? And 3) What monster lurks inside?

Brave and determined to set things right again, Harry follows a sketchy trail of clues and past secrets to save his friends and put an end to the reign of terror.  4/5 glasses of wine!4 STAR

Water for Elephants (Book review)


“In the morning light I see what I couldn’t see last night –the wagons are emblazoned with the name BENZINI BROS MOST SPECTACULAR SHOW ON EARTH.”

A  young man’s life is changed forever overnight when he hops onto a moving train and realizes he’s joined a circus.

But not just any circus. There is the beautiful Marlena in sequins and feathers, August her husband, your rival, a dangerous foe named Blackie, fat old Uncle Al wielding his cane, a chimp named Bobo, and this is just a snip from the list of brow-raising characters.

Filled with danger and forbidden love, you are on the edge of your seat, and quite possibly biting your nails in anticipation on every page. There are breaks, though, where our protagonist, Jacob Jankowski, now a 93-year-old man, resurfaces to his present life at a nursing home. He is filled with memories, both bittersweet, lovely, and dreadful, and the novel is his telling of his unforgettable tale.

I majorly enjoyed this book and ate it up like circus popcorn, peanuts, and cotton candy. Almost instantly I fell in love with the endearingly sweet and docile Elephant named Rosie, appropriately referred to as “a majestic, mute heroine” by Parade. I was near dead with laughter when I discovered she loved liquor as much as I do.

What really got me was that it could be seen as a really dark read when you take into consideration certain aspects. It touched on murder, sickness, domestic and animal abuse and the very tragic loss of loved ones and friends.

Reading it made me ponder and reflect about my own life, my experiences with love, bullies, and frightening events, and what old age will look like for me. For instance, will I look like an Appalachian apple head doll? Hopefully, there will be a doctor for that!

Ha, Sara Gruen is very good with descriptions as you will soon find out from page one. She has a very impressive way of keeping you entertained throughout even the mellowest scenes. And it was Jacob’s adorable innocence and humor that carried you through the good and bad times in this historic story.

I will never forget it and was quite sad upon completion.

5/5 glasses of wine held up in cheers to Rosie.


Book Review Time: Kim: Empty Inside: The Diary of an Anonymous Teenager

Kim: Empty Inside: The Diary of an Anonymous Teenager really fits its name because it was, well, EMPTY INSIDE. Instead of ravishing details and an insight into ED like I had hoped, it came up short with FLAT FLAT FLAT characters (and this is how Kim speaks) and minimalist descriptions of an obviously made-up diary of a teenage girl battling an eating disorder. It was very slow…. I’m talking SNAIL PACE. In fact I was 80% through my e-book version of it (and I had to look) when it started mentioning the seriousness of her condition, hospital runs, etc. The most horrible fact: it was ALL TELL and no showing and only the help of coffee and by the grace of God was I capable of getting through this snooze-fest. This is my absolute LAST time reading a book written in journal entry style. Lesson learned. Thank you coffee!

2/5 stars.

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My thoughts on "It" By Stephen King

3.5/5 glasses of blood tainted wine!

King’s, 22nd book, It is a classic American horror novel that follows the experiences of seven people as they are terrorized by an entity now famously known as, well, It. A huge bestseller at its time and a story that proves to be ageless with its continuous fanbase and new movie, “It” preys on universal fears and phobias of people. Often disguising itself before the “the attack,” much like a dark, twisted nursery rhyme, “It” mostly manifests itself in the form of a clown, attracting its preferred prey of young children. Good thing my sister and I never did like clowns much. We knew. We knew…

“Best not to look back. Best to believe there will be happily ever afters all the way around – and so there may be; who is to say there will not be such endings? Not all boats which sail away into darkness never find the sun again, or the hand of another child; if life teaches anything at all, it teaches that there are so many happy endings that the man who believes there is no God needs his rationality called into serious question.”

-IT, Stephen King

One of the reasons I got through reading this mammoth, apart from the fact that it was penned by Stephen King, was because of the great attention it paid to the characters’s journeys and growth throughout life. It is not only a horror book but a bible of life lessons.  It can make you sad and scared sometimes, other times it will inspire you with hope and joy for the little makings of our unpredictable world.

That being said, and without giving much away, 3.5/5 glasses of  blood tinged wine for It. Seriously, it’s a novel all horror writers should try to read. Just was a bit too long and winding for me.


Something (Wisteria 1) Book Trailer

Book two is set to be released in October, just in time for for Halloween. But for those of you who have read Wisteria 1, here is the long overdue trailer. Be careful what you read!


6 hilarious things all bookworms have in common

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1. The more cups of tea or coffee the merrier.  Image and video hosting by TinyPic

We are generally seen in line at the local Starbucks or Coffee Time. And when we’re caught without our needy paws clutching a hot beverage things can get a little haywire. We will space out during convos, hold our heads, sigh, and yawn, grumbling about needing our caffeine fix. Nothing in the world says sidekick better than a warm mug of something next to a book. Heard of that “curling up with a tea and a good book” phrase? Ya, it wasn’t coined for no reason. So next time you see your fellow bookworm, do yourself a favor and shove a cup of something dark and hot in their hands.

2. They’ve got grandma sweaters.

Hey, we all like to be comfy sometimes, but if you’re especially bookish this is a requirement before opening Twilight or Harry Potter. Okay, fine, yes, the bookish, our tastes are a little different and maybe silly sometimes, or too homey for other people’s style, but reading is like a great adventure for us and you don’t go on a great journey wearing a glittery garden dress right?  Nope, you go in jeans and an ugly sweater.

3. The movie always sucks.
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Let’s face it, books are just way better than their movie counterparts. Film enthusiasts can go suck it. In a movie, they take out a lot of stuff from the story you read and love, to trim it down into an hour or two of watchtime, therefore changing the original story. It is just not the same. Plus, when you are reading a book you can imagine anything in your mind. In a movie you are seeing someone else’s idea of what happened.

4.  They got a pet cat.

Me want that new book meow. Meow like this chapter. Have meow heard of that awesome book?

5. They sniff their books… like drugs.

Unless they are the very eccentric types this act of bookish love, craving, obsession, and yes, sexual desire, is usually done in secrecy. But it happens and oh it happens a lot. We sniff the pages, the spines, we love the earthy aromas, the crisp sweet smell of aged browned paper. We are like addicts snorting our drug.

6. Their suitcases are always heavy.
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Why? ‘Cause there are books in there. I need not say this, but if you are ever gonna travel with a bibliophile, for the love of God, offer them help with their luggage. And if you wonder why their carry-on feels like it’s stuffed with a dead body, note that the chances of there being more books in there than stuff like clothes and toiletries (cause who needs clothes and toiletries) is HIGH.

The Creepilicious Trophy This Week Goes to…. These Images

Made by an artist I discovered on Instagram who goes by the username @elena.sai these images conjured up memories from past nightmares and horror movies. They also remind me of the urban legend Bloody Mary. This doesn’t sit so well when I get spine-chilling flashbacks of me and my friends trying out the ghost-summoning chant before the school’s girls’ room mirror. I need not say, YOU DON’T MESS WITH THESE THINGS! Anyways, one of the major factors in me selecting these pieces of artwork for today’s creepilicious trophy revolves around my initial confusion with whether they were created from real people or just painted from scratch themselves.


After some Instagram snooping, I learned that they are in fact real people and have gone through the process of what you may call digital photo manipulation. So it is painted work, just not from scratch. And that makes them all the more creepy in my books. Like which elements were there to begin with and which weren’t? Oooh, I love it!

Currently Reading: "He Lived Next Door" by Portia Moore

Pleased so far that I chose this book as my next read. Looking forward to seeing how everything comes together. I wasn’t sure at first during the intro of the book, as in the sudden swap of tenses worried me, but now it is clear that Moore is a talented writer and has a story I’m anxious to complete. And damn this boy next door sure is HOT!


There are ugly truths
and pretty lies.
When I lost them
I chose neither.
I wrapped myself in silence.
My husband, my best friend, became a stranger who gave up.

He moved next door, and everything changed.
You think you know this story,
but you don’t.
Be careful what you ask for because the answer may not come the way you think.

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